Saturday, 19 May 2012

3 Months Later...

So my last post was about LCF - didn't get in unfortunately but Birmingham was my next choice, and after an open day I love it! There's a lot of opportunities for make-up (some of the students have just teamed up with the transport police for special fx, a few have worked on 'Hustle', and there's even been chances for small films). The facilities are great though, should've taken some pictures. The rooms used for hair and make-up classes are massive, and the campus I'm on is also for hairdressing/spa training. Anyone can book in for these treatments so that's a £1 cut and wash for me with a £7 facial! haha. I've been invited to a night out with a few people who are going to the college as well but I'm in production, booo! Anyway, providing I get my grades I'll be moving away for 3 years and my mum's already trying to talk me into clearing my room which is nice...
Looking fashionable in a sequin outfit xox

Once again I've neglected this blog but I'm going to keep on top of it and post regularly - I've just finished 'A Chorus Line' at college so I'll post some of the pictures from that up. I'm managing a group of first years for 'The Kitchen' which is set in the 50s so I'll put the pictures from that up as well once it's over.
My mum treated me to the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation and Powder Foundation which was really nice of her - I'll put up a review tomorrow so I can do a before/after face photo to show coverage etc! x

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