Sunday, 20 May 2012

Royal Opera House Challenge

Our college was entered into the ROH challenge, so we had to look at 'La Boheme' and create designs based on our own interpretation - be it past, present, or future. My first themes were 70s/glam rock because there's a lot of scope for make-up etc. I then looked at post-apocalyptic themes (think 'The Tribe') and kind of merged them both together to come up with this! I chose to design for Mimi quite a bold character. 'Rent' is a good production to watch as it's a lot easier to understand than La Boheme. With Opera it can often take a bit longer to understand the story as it's going along. 'Rent' is based in the 90s and the songs are extremely catchy.
Above: The wig I styled. Below: Before and after pictures. My friend volunteered to be my model and she has a great face to work on - especially cause she has big eyes and prominent cheekbones. Also think she suits black hair!

I didn't win, but my work was looked at by ROH staff who regularly design for productions, and it was also displayed in a mini exhibition. It was nice to see what kind of ideas other people came up with. One person from our class got a mention for her steam punk themed set design which was really cool. We also got to watch a matinee performance of La Boheme which was nice because I haven't really been to many operas. Sitting in the ROH itself is a great experience though, the building's beautiful and when we were watching La Boheme they left the curtain up when doing a set change - you don't realise how small the set is compared to the stage area and how many others they can fit backstage, it's massive!

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