Monday, 29 July 2013

I'm back!

Never mind 3 months, a YEAR and 3 months later and I've finally decided to come back to writing on here. I don't really use Tumblr any more and I've just finished my first year at uni so why not use this to show what I've been doing all this time?!
I've been in Birmingham for a year now and it's a lovely city, bit of a change from the endless countryside near me but there's plenty of things to do.
I'm now studying Specialist Hair and Media Make-up and it's a great course - I've learnt everything from casualty make-up, prosthetics, hair cutting and styling, to pathology and historical context. I'm going to aim to post a bit of everything from the year in this next week and then keep on top of it when I start next year. I'll probably throw in cosmetic reviews as I go along and stuff I've played around with at home!
I'll start off with the first thing we covered - Casualty/Special FX. I'd already studied a bit of this at college but it was fun to learn new techniques and casualty make-up is definitely something I enjoy to do. Hoping I get a lot more placements where I have chance to do this as I've already done 2 with the police which was exciting.

(Apologies for the name tags in the photos, I was using them for uni work)
The 1st/3rd picture were my favourite to do because they gave a realistic effect up close and on the skin - I used the Principality FX gun which I definitely need to invest in, love the stuff you can create with it and it's so easy to use! 
Anyway, that's it for now but I'll try update throughout the week til I'm back up to date with year's worth of work haha! xo

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