Saturday, 22 October 2011

First post!

First post woohooo! I'm new to 'proper' blogging in a sense, seeing as I'm more of a picture blog on Tumblr. Anyway first post and I thought I'd just post a couple of odd make-up pictures I did last year as I don't know where else to put them!

This has got to be one of my favourite pictures from college and probably what got me into loving special fx make-up in general! We use mostly greasepaint and theatrical make-up instead of eyeshadows and cosmetics. For this look I used Mastix glue to stick the latex piece on my face and then blended it in using greasepaint. There's a picture of the whole class made into animals stuck on one of the corridors, it's so beautiful it hurts! I don't think I was creating this look for any purpose than practice, but it was a fun experience and I don't think it looks that bad for a first attempt heh x

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