Monday, 24 October 2011


Halloween is something I look forward to every year simply because I love dressing up! As it's coming up soon I thought I'd do a huuuge post with a couple of ideas for make-up. I've found a few pictures, most done at college and one look done today which I think will give a great effect to any gory costume. This is pretty much gonna be a post crammed with loads of blood and bruises, but I'll post some more at somepoint with more fantasy looks.
This first picture is from a crime scene reconstruction practice; our team decided on doing something shocking, and eventually decided on doing something similar based on the Chelsea Smile/Glasgow Grin - "Glasgow smile (also known as a Glasgow grinAnna grinChelsea grin or Chelsea smile) refers to the wound that results from slashing a person's face from the edges of the mouth to the ears". (It was a murder of prostitutes in a club basement who had been tied up...if you wanted to know the scenario haha).
This was the start of my course and one of the first times I'd properly used derma wax - I think it was a successful attempt and would definitely be ideal for Halloween.
These next few pictures are ones I've done in my spare time, mainly as quick practices with my kit.
Different Attempt at a Chelsea Smile - I think it looks more like the Joker though!
Basic cut made with Derma Wax

Quick attempt at a Skeleton - Would be good on it's own or for Lady Gaga styles!
Last but not least, track marks/bruising from excessive drug use -lovely eh?!  (Apologies for poor webcam photo!)

For all the looks I've used make-up from Grimas. My make-up kit at the moment contains:

  • Grimas cream make-up - B+V Palette
  • Derma Wax
  • Film Blood A
  • Bruise Wheel
  • Liquid Latex
  • Collidion
  • Latex sponges/make-up brushes
I'm doing a Halloween fund-raiser next week so I need to be dressed up somehow, I'll probably practice loads of other looks so I'll be posting them too! x

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