Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween and Cake Stalls

So Halloween was a lot of fun, it's good to see more people dressing up, but we hardly got any trick or treaters this year! (I got to keep the sweets though heh).
I went to a Halloween party on the Saturday and loved the outfit I chose so much I wore it to college for our Halloween fundraiser where we sold cakes etc. Definitely got a few funny looks on the way home hahah.
My outfit was a 'scary doll' or whatever you want to call it. I used false lashes on the top and bottom of my eyes but added the bottom lashes further down my face and coloured in the space white. It's really effective and makes your eyes look huuuge! I also added big rosy cheeks and small lips by only colouring in the centre and going over the rest with foundation.
Holly (centre) loved it so much she made me do her make-up the same, hahah.
For the cake stall I decided to give myself a slit throat and 'stitched' mouth - can't go wrong with a bit of fake blood eh?!

There wasn't many people in college so we didn't make as much money as last time. Still, £100 isn't bad at all! Shame a lot of the people at Leeds college weren't as enthusiastic as we were about dressing up. We had a make-up stall at the side though which led a fair few people walking around with cuts/bruises on their face heh x

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